Welcome to the captivating tale of Rinji, a Japanese beer brand that was born in 2021 out of the passion and experience of a half Finnish, half Japanese entrepreneur named Justin Eveleens.
The slogan "cheers to good fortune" reflects the core values and philosophy behind Rinji beer. For the founder of Rinji, beer is not just a beverage, but a celebration of life and a symbol of good fortune. They believe that beer should be enjoyed in the company of loved ones, as a way of connecting and sharing in the joys of life.

Cheers to good fortune

4.8% ALC./VOL

With its light and crisp taste, this beer is perfect for enjoying on a warm day or pairing with your favorite meal. Plus, its beautiful golden color and frothy head make it a treat for both the eyes and the taste buds.


water · malt(gluten) · hop · yeast · yuzu

Our Story of Story

With a diverse background that includes running a hotel in Finland and working as a chef in Japanese cuisine restaurants, Justin had a deep appreciation for both European and Japanese cultures and a desire to create something that would bring them together. He saw an opportunity in Japan's rapidly growing craft beer market and set out to create a beer that would capture the essence of both European and Japanese flavors.

In Japanese culture, the act of drinking together is seen as a way of building and strengthening relationships, and of wishing good fortune and prosperity to those around you. The founders of Rinji wanted to embody this spirit in their beer, and to create a product that would bring people together and inspire a sense of community.

At the heart of Rinji beer is a commitment to quality and craftsmanship, with every batch carefully brewed and tested to ensure the perfect balance of flavors and aromas.

So when you raise a glass of Rinji beer and say "cheers to good fortune", you are not just toasting to the present moment, but to the bonds of friendship and community that connect us all. Cheers to good fortune, and to the joy of sharing a great beer with great people.